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Blenderhead lyrics


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        flying through a dark prismatic tunnel on a carousel, the earth is
    turning and you know it very well, your mind is reeling lika ten
    helicopters wheeling and you're gonna hit the ceiling lika a mallet on
    a bell, hey, blenderhead, they're starting to ask questions, your
    transgressions ar a danger flashing sign, challenge conventions and
    radiate your splendor and feel those flywheels curn your blenderhead,
    tally up the gleaming ventured on a wishing well, each shining trinket
    h as a story it can tell, your moments pining like those tales all
    intertwining can become the rusted lining of a deep neglected shell,
    hey, blenderhead, you ask so many questions, your confusion's a life-
    affirming sign, break from tradition and carry on with valor and feel
    those flywheels churn you blenderhead
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